Gene Comozzi, 1922 Merchant,  pitched in old-style form yesterday afternoon and easily defeated the Drury Hatters, 8 to 1. The game played at Recreation Park, San Francisco, marked the second spasm .1 of a three-game series between the Granat Brothers and the Hatters for the semi-pro title of San Francisco. Comozzi lost his first game last Sun-day when his teammates crumpled ‘ things with poor support. Yesterday’s game was a different story and the Hats were given the worst trimming they have had all season. The hatters looked but a shadow of the team that beat the Jewelers last week, and the latter, taking advantage of some bad errors and bunched hits, piled up a big lead in the early innings. Burns, who scored four runs, three as the result of boots, and Sears, with some timely hitting, were in the limelight for the winners. In the second canto, Granats rang the bell three times. Burns was safe when Kerr erred and Sears walked. Keating took Gregor’s bunt I and threw into right field, allowing Burns to score. Cortade then came through with a bingle and Sears and Gregor counted. On a walk to Maderas and hits by Burns and Sears, they scored two more in the third. The Drurys broke in with a run in the fifth on Dorman’s hit, a walk to Keating, and another hit by McNew, but Granats were right back in the sixth with two more. Burns was safe on an error again, this time by Rose: Sears singled and both made the circuit on Gregor’s hit into right. They scored their third marker in the eighth when Burns reached first for the third time during the afternoon on an error, and completed the rounds on a walk to Sears and a sacrifice fly by Gregor. the boys in action, Another big crowd was out to see the boys in action